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Antarctica is a continental landmass without a permanent population. Due to its position at the South Pole, every line of latitude travels through Antarctica, which means that in theory it should have 24 different time zones. In reality, though, there are 11 different time zones, determined by the countries which claim rights to Antarctica and the presence of their research stations. The time zones in force range from GMT -6 to GMT +13.

How many time zones does Antarctica have?

Antarctica has 10 time zones and a time difference from UTC-3 to UTC+12.

10 Time Zones

Time Zones (10)

Time Zone Universal Time Coordinated Current local time Major Cities in Time Zone
Antarctica/Palmer UTC-3 19:10
Antarctica/Rothera UTC-3 19:10
Antarctica/Troll UTC+0 00:10
Antarctica/Syowa UTC+3 01:10
Antarctica/Mawson UTC+5 03:10
Antarctica/Vostok UTC+6 04:10
Antarctica/Davis UTC+7 05:10
Antarctica/DumontDUrville UTC+10 08:10
Antarctica/Casey UTC+11 09:10
Antarctica/McMurdo UTC+12 10:10

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