Sochi Current Local Time & Date, Time Zone and Difference in Sochi, Russia

What time is it?

Current local time in
Sochi, Russia

Time Zone


Universal Time Coordinated

+3.0 hours

Daylight Saving Time

There are no future Daylight Saving Time rules for this time zone.

Time Difference to major World Cities

Los Angeles -10 hours
Mexico City -8 hours
New York -7 hours
São Paulo -6 hours
London -2 hours
Berlin, Frankfurt, Paris, Madrid, Roma -1 hour
Hong Kong +5 hours
Tokyo +6 hours
Sydney +7 hours

The sun in Sochi

Sunrise Sochi

Sunrise (Today, May 24, 2016)

4:47 am Local time

Sunset Sochi


7:48 pm Local time

City information

The XXII Winter Olympics start in Sochi from Friday 7th February and go on till Sunday, 23 February 2014. The city of Sochi is located in Russia, along the Black Sea. As part of the Olympic Games, a total of 98 races in 7 sports (biathlon, bobsleigh, curling, ice hockey, figure skating, speed skating, freestyle skiing, luge, speed skating, alpine skiing, short track cross country skiing as well as nordic combined ski jumping and snowboarding) will be held for which 88 teams have qualified from around the world. The motto of the Games in Sochi is "Hot. Cool. Yours.".

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Time Zone

The name of the time zone is Europe/Moscow

Alternative names

  • AER
  • Sochi
  • Sochi - Soci
  • Sochi - Со́чи
  • Soci
  • Soczi
  • Sotchi
  • Sotji
  • Sotschi
  • Sotsi
  • Sotsji
  • Sotši
  • Soĉi
  • Ssotschi
  • sochi
  • suo qi
  • Сочи
  • Сочі
  • სოჭი
  • ソチ
  • 索契
  • 소치


Sochi is a city in Russia Flag Russia


327,608 People

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