Melo Current Local Time & Date, Time Zone and Difference in Melo, Uruguay

What time is it?

Current local time in
Melo, Uruguay

Time Zone


Universal Time Coordinated

-3.0 hours

Daylight Saving Time

-2.0 hours

Standard Time

Currently in use
-3.0 hours

Time Difference to major World Cities

Los Angeles -5 hours
Mexico City -3 hours
New York -2 hours
São Paulo +1 hour
London +3 hours
Berlin, Frankfurt, Paris, Madrid, Roma +4 hours
Hong Kong +11 hours
Tokyo +12 hours
Sydney +14 hours

The sun in Melo

Sunrise Melo

Sunrise (Today, February 9, 2016)

7:08 am Local time

Sunset Melo


8:33 pm Local time

City information

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Time Zone

The name of the time zone is America/Montevideo

Alternative names

  • Ciudad de Melo
  • MLZ
  • Mel
  • Melas
  • Melo
  • mei luo
  • Мел
  • 梅洛


Melo is a city in Uruguay Flag Uruguay


51,023 People

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